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Is it better to build a single-layer or double-layer steel structure factory building?

Is it better to build a single-layer or double-layer steel structure factory building?

May 18,2023

With the widespread application of steel structures in the market, steel structure buildings are also receiving increasing attention. Steel structure factories are common in single or multiple layers. Not only do single layers have many advantages, but building multi-layer steel structure factories also has many advantages. The production of multi-layer steel structure factories can be carried out on different levels of floors, bringing many benefits. So, what is the basis for building steel structure factories to determine whether it is suitable to build single or double layers?

First, let's talk about the characteristics of two types of steel structure factories


Characteristics of single-story steel structure factory building: 

1. Adopting a lightweight steel structure, it has the characteristics of large size, span, and height, and single-story steel structure factories can generally withstand large loads.

2. Single story steel structure factories often adopt the construction methods of standardization, serialization, generalization, factory production, and easy mechanization of components. Generally, the components are manufactured in engineering and assembled directly on site.

3. Single story steel structures are commonly found in light industrial factories, workshops, warehouses, entertainment facilities, and entertainment venues.

Characteristics of double-layer steel structure factory buildings

1. It has a large usage area and saves land, greatly increasing the area compared to a single-story steel structure factory building.

2. To save funds, due to the high land utilization rate, the supporting pipelines and projects around the house have also been reduced to a certain extent.

3. Double layer steel structure factories have higher seismic requirements, so seismic design is more strict. However, when setting up and arranging double layer steel structure factories, factors such as improving industrialization, facilitating construction, and being economically reasonable are also considered.

The prices vary, and single-story steel structure factories have absolute advantages. Under the same building area, it is at least 30% cheaper than a double layer design, and the cost of the foundation will also be correspondingly reduced. The reason why a double layer steel structure factory is more expensive than a single layer is not only because of its complex structure, but also because the consumption of materials and labor during the construction process is higher than that of a single layer. The design of a single-story steel structure factory building is much simpler. Not only can most of the work be completed on the ground, but materials are also mostly transported on flat ground. It can be imagined that building a single-story steel structure factory building not only reduces the workload, but also makes the price much cheaper.


The requirements for land vary. Under the same building area requirement, the floor area of a single-story steel structure factory is nearly twice that of a double-story steel structure factory. If a larger production area is required, a double-story steel structure factory must be considered. Even if a single story can accommodate all needs, it is not conducive to long-term use in the future. Therefore, although single-story factories are relatively cheap in construction costs, they may not have much advantage in total cost compared to double-story factories due to excessive land area requirements. Therefore, it is not difficult for attentive friends to notice that although the cost of a double-layer factory is relatively high, many friends and developers choose the design of a double-layer factory in areas where land is scarce and money is scarce, in order to ensure sufficient utilization of space, which goes against the concept of saving money with a single layer.


Moreover, in terms of later maintenance and sales, the maintenance cost of a single-story factory is relatively low, and the drainage pipes around doors, windows, and eaves are also relatively easy to manage.

If your land area is large enough and you prefer a "grounded" lifestyle, a single-story factory is a perfect choice. On the contrary, if your land area is limited and you need a larger area of space, a double layered design is your best choice. The above is a comparative analysis of multi-layer and single-story steel structure factories. After understanding, make a judgment based on your actual situation and then make a choice that suits you

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