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ZhengYuanMing  has a complete production system of main steel structure,sub steel structure, purlin, structural accessories (such as edge, support, gutter and downpipe) , non-standard metal structural parts. ZYM also provides our clients with a series of customized steel structure processing services.

Now ZYM Group company has 5,200 ㎡ plants, 3,800 ㎡ product turnover warehouse, and 4000 ㎡open stock yards.we has 2 light steel & 3 heavy steel production lines, including high-rise H-beam production lines and C-shaped steel production lines.Products ranges from H-shaped steel, color profiled steel plate, C-type, Z-shaped purlins, floor-supporting composite panels.

In terms of software, the company is equipped with tecla software, ERP software and the latest engineering deign software to continuously improve software operation skills.We have established a professional  team of management and technical personnel 

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