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How much do you know about representative steel structure buildings China

How much do you know about representative steel structure buildings China

Jan 6,2023

   The Bird's Nest was built for the 2008 Olympic Games. I believe everyone is familiar with the Bird's Nest. Do you know that the Bird's Nest is actually a representative steel structure building? And there are not many representative steel structures like this in China. How much do you know? 

Bird's Nest                                                     

The main steel structure forms an integral giant space saddle shaped steel truss woven "bird's nest" structure. The total steel consumption of the steel structure is 42000 tons. The concrete stand is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. The concrete structure of the stand is a reinforced concrete frame shear wall structure system with 1 underground layer and 7 above ground layers. The roof steel structure is covered with double-layer membrane structure, that is, the transparent upper layer ETFE membrane fixed between the upper chords of the steel structure and the translucent lower layer PTFE acoustic ceiling fixed under the lower chords of the steel structure and the side wall of the inner ring.

Main Gymnasium of Universiade Center

The total steel consumption of the steel structure project is about 5800 tons. The single-layer folded plane space network structure is adopted. The steel structure roof is a combination of high-rise structure and large-span space structure. It is composed of 16 (8 groups) structural units with similar shapes and a diameter of 158 meters. The installation method adopts the construction idea of "high altitude fixed point assembly, accumulated rotation and sliding".

The National Grand Theater                             

d Theater

The shell of the upper enclosure steel structure is semi ellipsoidal. Its plane projection is 212.20 meters long in the east-west direction, 143.64 meters long in the north-south direction. The building height is 46.285 meters, and the deepest part of the foundation is - 32.5 meters. The ellipsoidal roof is mainly decorated with titanium metal plate, and the central part is an involute glass curtain wall. The ellipsoidal shell surrounds the artificial lake, with a lake surface area of 35500 square meters, and various channels and inlets are set under the water surface.

Guangzhou New TV Tower                               

Also called Xiaomanyao. The reinforced concrete inner cylinder steel structure oblique grid outer cylinder system is adopted. The outer cylinder of steel structure is composed of three basic components: column, inclined ring beam and diagonal brace. The mast antenna is located on the top of the main tower. The lower part of the antenna is an octagonal lattice steel structure of 10mX10m, the top is a quadrilateral steel plate welded steel structure of 0.75mX0.75m, and the middle is an octagonal steel plate welded steel structure transition section.

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