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Steel structure chicken house design and material selection scheme

Steel structure chicken house design and material selection scheme

Feb 16,2023

Jishe steel structure design and material selection scheme

      With the development of agriculture, poultry breeding and

The production of poultry by-products tends to be more and more

Modern mechanization, standardization and sanitation.

Steel structure chicken house is the first choice for more and more farms.Jishe steel structure mainly adopts truss structure and portal steel frame structure.

1 truss (triangular roof truss) structure

The truss (triangular roof truss) structure is welded with steel pipe, angle iron, square pipe, C-shaped steel, etc.

2 Portal rigid frame

 Portal rigid frame is a traditional structural system. The upper main frame of this type of structure includes rigid frame inclined beam, rigid frame column, support, purlin, tie bar, gable frame, etc. The steel structure of light-weight house with portal frame has the characteristics of simple stress, clear force transmission path, fast component fabrication, convenient factory processing, short construction period, etc. 

     Portal frame is widely used in industrial and civil buildings such as industrial, commercial, cultural and recreational public facilities. The steel structure of light-weight house with portal frame originated in the United States, and has experienced nearly a hundred years of development. At present, it has become a structural system with relatively perfect design, fabrication and construction standards.


Advantages and disadvantages of steel structure chicken house 


*Light weight 

*Factory manufacturing 

*Quick installation

*Short construction period 

*Good seismic performance 

*Fast investment

*Less environmental pollution

    Compared with the ordinary reinforced concrete structure, the steel structure chicken house has the advantages of homogeneity, high strength, fast construction speed, good seismic resistance and high recovery rate. The strength and elastic modulus of steel are many times higher than that of masonry and concrete.

       Therefore, under the same load condition, the weight of steel members is light. From the perspective of being damaged, the steel structure has a large deformation omen in advance, and belongs to the ductile failure structure, which can detect the danger in advance and avoid it. Therefore, it is widely used in all kinds of farms, safe and short construction period. 

2 Disadvantages 

      The corrosion resistance is poor. The main steel part of the general steel structure must be repainted in 5-7 years, and the maintenance cost is high 

     The fire resistance is poor, and the unprotected steel structure in the fire lasts less than 20 minutes, so the fire prevention of steel structure is very important, and the fire prevention clauses must be clearly marked in the contract and quotation. 

3 Service life 

      The main part is generally designed to have a service life of 30-50 years, and is properly maintained within the service life, generally without problems

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