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Congratulations on the completion of the cold storage steel structure factory

Congratulations on the completion of the cold storage steel structure factory

Mar 30,2023

Steel structure cold storage is currently one of the most popular cold storage building enclosures in the market. Compared to traditional brick concrete structure cold storage enclosures, steel structure cold storage enclosures can better meet the requirements for flexible separation of large bays on the cold storage, and can improve the area utilization rate by reducing the cross-sectional area of columns and using lightweight wall panels, increasing the effective use area of the cold storage by about 6%.

Secondly, in terms of energy efficiency, the enclosure of the cold storage adopts lightweight energy-saving standardized C-shaped steel, square steel, and sandwich panels, which have good thermal insulation performance and seismic resistance. In addition, the periphery of the steel structure cold storage also has advantages such as light total weight, fast construction speed, high environmental recovery rate, and flexibility.

Steel structure cold storage refers to a cold storage composed of steel structures in peripheral buildings. According to different maintenance structures, cold storage can be divided into brick concrete structure cold storage and steel structure cold storage, both of which are common forms of cold storage. The steel structure is composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses, and other components made of section steel and steel plates; Structures connected by welds, bolts, or rivets between components or components are one of the main types of building structures.

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