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Sudan steel structure warehouse installation

Sudan steel structure warehouse installation

Apr 4,2023

Steel warehouseis  currently one of the most popular building in the market. Compared to traditional brick concrete structure building, steel warehouse building can better meet the market requirements  and can improve the area utilization rate by reducing the cross-sectional area of columns and using lightweight wall panels, increasing the effective use area of the cold storage by about 6%.

The prefabricated warehouse is  located in Sudan . The steel structure warehouse is  75m X 25m X 12m with 2 storey .alkyd painted coating for steel beams and columns. The roof and wall panel is made of rock wool sandwich panel with PU edge sealing.

The prefab warehouse steel structure is going on ,the steel frame has been installed. We adhere to customer first and quality first. In the after-sales installation of steel structures, we provide timely technical support to customers and achieve the installation and completion of steel structures in the shortest possible time

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