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Well-known steel structure buildings in China

Well-known steel structure buildings in China

Dec 29,2022

    In recent years, the application of steel structure in building engineering is more and more extensive, and has achieved very good application results. Do you know what advantages steel structure has? Which buildings are steel structures used in·

    In addition to the well-known "China respect", "Tianyan" and "Bird's Nest", what other well-known steel structure buildings do you know in China?

Appreciation of steel structure buildings
1. Xi'an Silk Road International Exhibition Center

This is the largest national exhibition center in the central and western regions

The metal roof adopts a light and dynamic design

The total area is 187000 square meters

Equivalent to 23 standard football fields

Looking down from the sky, the dune shaped roof undulates continuously

The sound of camel bells on the Silk Road came from afar

Thus echoing the implication of the Silk Road

2.  Xi'an Olympic Sports Center Stadium 

This is the main venue of the 14th National Games

There is a unique "Steel Pomegranate Flower"

Its "colorful coat" is

A pomegranate flower composed of 28 petals

Installed for "Iron Tailors"

58000 square meters of metal roof is carefully delineated

3.  Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Here is the largest and longest metal roof in the world

The metal roof area reaches 739000 square meters

The maximum length is 1785.6m

Have super high appearance

Gathering the wisdom of the forefront of the times

4.  Nanjing Lukou Airport T1 Terminal

This is the terminal with a passenger throughput of 50 million

Roof shape of "Yangtze River Waves"

Unique shape, flexible and ready to fly

35000 square meters of metal roof

Protect thousands of passengers from wind and rain

5.  Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport

Here is the world's largest overall stainless steel metal roof
The world's first centralized single airport with five fingered corridors
Metal roof with a total area of 223000 square meters
Ultra pure ferritic stainless steel plate
0.5mm thick "Golden Hazel"
It's as thin as an A4
Continuous welding by welding robot
Form a whole closed steel plate
No leakage will occur
It can also resist a force 16 gale

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