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The Knowledge about steel trusses

The Knowledge about steel trusses

Apr 17,2023

      Composition of steel truss structure system?

A truss is a structure composed of several members connected by hinges at both ends of each member, which can be divided into a planar truss and a spatial truss. According to the cross-sectional form of the constituent parts, it can be further divided into pipe trusses, H-shaped steel trusses, box shaped section trusses, angle steel trusses, etc. Trusses are generally composed of top chord, bottom chord, vertical member, diagonal web member, and support between trusses. Trusses use less steel than solid web beams, have a lighter weight and greater stiffness, and are widely used in high-rise buildings, large-span structures, and bridges.

What are the common nodes of steel trusses?

 The common nodes of steel trusses are mainly the connection nodes between vertical bars and upper and lower chords, the connection nodes between diagonal web bars and upper and lower chords, and the connection nodes of trusses.

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