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Steel structure capping of the main venue of Zhongguancun Forum

Steel structure capping of the main venue of Zhongguancun Forum

Apr 12,2023

      Recently, at the construction site of the permanent venue of the Zhongguancun Forum, a key project in Beijing, the last structural steel beam was steadily lifted up and hoisted into position. The highly anticipated capital's "Science and Technology Reception Hall" has achieved the steel structure ceiling as scheduled, taking a crucial step towards the goal of completing the overall project by the end of August this year

Nowadays, with the capping of engineering steel structures, architectural expressions filled with a sense of the times, technology, and poetry are gradually transforming from concepts to reality. As the most eye-catching highlight of the entire building, the curved and irregular steel structure roof shaped like an "aircraft" brings the project team an ultimate test. The chief engineer of the project introduced that the steel roof structure of the project is almost entirely composed of curves, which means that there are a large number of nodes at the intersection of the steel members that make up the roof structure that cannot be located on the same plane. It is necessary to "carefully cut" each shape line at each node to ensure the complete and accurate restoration of the curved surface shape during construction.

Faced with the unique curvature brought by the "clover" shape, the project team adopted a "bending instead of bending" approach in the BIM modeling process, continuously and finely optimizing the changing forms and nodes of the steel beam cross-section. The curvature required for the structural shape was accurately calculated using the method of infinite segmentation of the broken line, successfully achieving the roof shape requirements; Faced with the construction challenge of a super large spatial span irregular steel structure with a maximum span of 47.6 meters and a overhang of 21 meters, the project team relied on BIM software to calculate and analyze the stress situation of the steel structure during the construction phase, conducted online simulation of the overall construction process, and finally determined the construction plan of using temporary support and segmented high altitude assembly to ensure the safety of structural stress and deformation during the steel structure construction period.

Since the first lifting of the underground steel column on December 12, 2022, the construction of the main steel structure of the Zhongguancun Forum Permanent Site project has taken 96 days, with a total of 3000 lifts completed and nearly 8400 tons of main steel structure installation completed, ultimately ensuring that the steel structure construction is completed as scheduled.