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Key points of layout design for multi-layer steel structure factory buildings

Key points of layout design for multi-layer steel structure factory buildings

Jun 6,2023

Multi story steel structure factory buildings are a promising form of industrial building, generally referring to industrial factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. with ten floors or less and a height of less than 20 meters. Most modern multi story steel structure factories are built using a portal steel frame structure system. When designing and layout, pay attention to the following technical points: 

1. Multi story steel structure factories generally adopt frame type structural systems, also known as multi story steel frame structures; Generally composed of columns, beams, floor structures, support structures, wall panels or wall frames.


2. A flat rigid floor should be used to ensure the overall stiffness and coordinated work of the space. When the horizontal frame is a column support system and a planar rigid floor is used, the spacing between columns should not exceed 4L.


3. The layout of the column network and beam system is reasonable, with uniform longitudinal and transverse stiffness, clear force transmission of components, unified types, simple node structure, and easy construction.

4. Steel columns and supports can vary in cross-section vertically, but sudden changes in interlayer stiffness should be prevented. Structural combination type of multi-layer steel structure factory building: 

(1) Pure frame system: Both vertical and horizontal directions are rigidly connected frames, suitable for buildings with large column spacing but unable to be supported; The node structure is complex and requires a large amount of steel. 

(2) Column support system: The beam column nodes are all hinged, and column to column supports (anti lateral force components) are set along the column height in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. It is suitable for buildings with small column spacing but allows for bidirectional support; The design and installation are simple, with high lateral stiffness, clear stress on the components, and low steel consumption. 

(3) Frame support system: The longitudinal column support system is a pure frame system, which meets the functional requirements of the building on the one hand, and simplifies design and construction to reduce the amount of steel used on the other hand. 

(4) Framework support combination system:

Floor form of multi-layer steel structure factory building

a. Galvanized floor support plate concrete combination

b. Combination of steel frame beam and prefabricated cement board

c. Combination of steel frame beam and patterned steel plate

d. Combination of steel frame beam and wooden board

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