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Prefab Steel Structure Warehouse Metal Roof Installation

Prefab Steel Structure Warehouse Metal Roof Installation

Nov 11,2019
steel structure warehouse and workshop
Prefab Steel Structure Warehouse Metal Roof Installation 

2019 We built a 1000 square meter steel structure warehouse ,the projects are used in industrial fields . The customer is very satisfied with the warehouse good quality . We do the every detail for our customers. Follows are the prefabricated metal roof installation details .

1.Construction Process Arrangement

1.1 Roof : color board approaching - building facility platform - gutter installation - lower board installation - insulation cotton laying - roofing installation - roofing cap installation - gable flooding installation - gutter 
Waterproof treatment - sporadic

1.2 Wall surface: color board approaching - building facility platform - wall surface installation - laying insulation cotton - interior wall panel installation - flooding installation - door window package installation - project acceptance

2. Steel structure color plate:

2.1 gutter installation
The wheelbase of the warehouse is 6m. Each span of the gutter is divided into two sections. Weld joints are used. In order to avoid deformation during welding, the joints are first indirectly spot welded until the joints are completely flat and fully welded. After passing the test, the hoisting is carried out in sequence.

2.2 Roof panel construction method
The roof floor is a Q900 type plate. During construction, the bottom plate is fixed on the upper surface of the stringer, and then the rock wool insulation layer is placed, laid from 16 axial 1 axis. The roof is laid at the same time as the rock wool is laid. When installing the roof panel, attention should be paid to the horizontal flatness of the panel. Before laying the first piece, the parallel size of the parapet wall to the steel beam is measured with a steel tape measure. When laying 3-5 piece roof panels, the width of the ridge and the cornice should be measured to ensure that the roof is parallel and the maximum slope is not more than 20mm.

2.3 Ridge cover construction method
After the installation of the roof panel,the ridge of the ridge is firstly waterproofed by the flooding edge, and the ridge cap is installed. When the ridge cap is installed, the length of the lap joint is not less than 100 mm, and the rivet is used for the connection. We seal all exposed rivets after completion.

Our plan in the construction of steel structure warehouse and workshop is systematic. It  effectively avoids problems such as leakage of the steel structure roof and shed .In addition, the life of the prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouses is longer .