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New Era Of Steel Structure

New Era Of Steel Structure

Sep 18,2019
China steel structure

New Era Of Steel Structure

Many of China's iconic buildings are steel-framed buildings, the “Bird's Nest”, the National Centre for the Performing Arts, CCTV, and the world's largest astronomical telescope FAST......., with “green”, sustainable, high-intensity, Strong in earthquake resistance”, steel structure is springing up.

Large-span steel structures are increasingly used in large space public buildings such as stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, stations, and terminal buildings. Steel structures have changed from a structural design tool to an architectural trend. Steel structures already have the dual connotations of architectural aesthetics and architectural tools.

Why is the rise of steel structure public buildings? This is inseparable from the inherent congenital advantages of steel structures. The steel structure has strong seismic resistance, fast construction speed, short construction period, high precision of component processing, relatively accurate installation size and strong controllability. If the architectural plan pursues bold creativity and unique shape, the structural system is non-steel structure.

China steel structure building
The application of steel structure to high-rise office buildings, large public buildings, large-span industrial buildings, and even high-end residential buildings (residential public buildings), high-end hotel buildings, there is basically no problem in technology, the external retaining wall can be used curtain wall solution. The building can have good lighting, ventilation, sound insulation, green energy saving, comfortable and environmental protection, and the outer protective structure can also be shock-resistant and wind-proof.

Promoting the application of steel structures in buildings is an urgent need for the development of green buildings. Considering the whole life cycle of the building, after the service life of the steel structure, the removed steel can be recycled, reduce construction waste, and conform to the principle of circular economy.

It is the structural form that has the least impact on the urban environment. In order to recycle and reuse materials, it is more sustainable, and the promotion and application of steel structures has become a consensus of the whole society.

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