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Why Do Steel Structure Building Choose To Use Color Steel Roof?

Why Do Steel Structure Building Choose To Use Color Steel Roof?

Sep 11,2019
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Why do steel structure plants choose to use color steel roof?

The roof is a relatively important part of the home. There are also a lot of roof decoration materials on the market, such as the color steel roof. In addition to the application on the wall panels or roof slabs of steel structures, color steel roofs are used in waiting halls, stadiums and poultry farms. Today, what are the characteristics of color steel plates? Why do steel structure buildings use colored steel roofs?

Aesthetics: The features of the color steel plate are firstly beautiful, especially after the pressing, there are many kinds of color steel plate lines, which can meet the needs of any building. In addition to its beautiful appearance, its color is also colorful, and can be customized according to customer needs, such as camouflage, tile, or retro brick.

Quick installation: the installation of color steel plate is quite convenient and fast, because the color steel plate itself is a lightweight plate, the quality is very light, such as steel structure workshop, if the use of color steel plate as a roof and comprehensive system, the saving period is largely .

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Durable: The life of any color steel plate on the market can be at least 15 years. If it is replaced later, it is very convenient. The life of good color steel plate can even reach more than 35 years.

Insulation: The insulation mentioned here refers to the color steel sandwich panel or the color steel composite panel (rock wool sandwich panel). The color steel veneer does not have the properties of heat preservation and heat insulation. The core material in the color steel sandwich panel is usually foam or glass wool and glass wool and polyurethane. They all have good insulation and thermal insulation properties.

Price: The price of color steel plate and color steel sandwich panel is very reasonable. Due to the advantages of fast production, light weight and quick installation。

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