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Three major factors affecting the cost of steel structure warehouse

Three major factors affecting the cost of steel structure warehouse

May 22,2019
Due to its beautiful appearance, short construction period, high degree of industrialization and resource reuse, the steel structure factory is destined to have a strong construction market share. The price of steel structure warehouse is also a concern of many people. It can be used to control the cost of steel structure workshop and the technical advantage of steel structure warehouse . It is the key research object of many steel structure enterprises. There are three main factors in the cost of steel structure plant.
A. Raw material factors
Steel and sheet are the main components of the steel structure warehouse, accounting for about 70%-80% of the total cost of the steel warehouse. The fluctuation of the market price of steel structure raw materials directly affects the cost of the prefab steel structure warehouse. The material of the section steel differs greatly from the price of the carrier surface and the thickness of the panel and the material. The raw material of steel structure is the main factor in the construction cost of the shadow steel structure warehouse .
B. Design factors
Reasonable design is the fundamental problem of saving raw materials to control the cost of steel structure plants. Different design schemes of steel structure workshops are important reasons for the change of raw material quantity, which directly affects the total cost of steel structure workshops.
1. Basic design: The basic cost is closely related to the geology of the prefabricated warehouse. The construction period of the foundation accounts for about 25% of the total construction period of the warehouse. The basic cost is 15% of the total cost of the steel structure plant. When designing, we should pay attention to the geological report of the location of the workshop, choose a reasonable basic type, and control the basic surface and depth of the foundation to play a positive role in the total cost of the steel structure plant.

2. Steel beam design: Rectangular section beam is the most common bending member, which is often used in design, but the material utilization rate is very low. First, because the material stress near the neutral axis is low; second, the bending moment of the beam varies along the beam length. Due to the low stress in most sections of the equal-section beam, the material is not well utilized, and the material utilization rate can be improved only when the axial force is applied. Therefore, the prefab workshop truss can be used instead of the rectangular beam in the design. The plane truss is equivalent to the hollow beam, and the excess material in the beam is removed, which is economical, and the weight can be reduced. It can also be developed into a space grid, and the utilization of materials can be greatly improved.

3.Column net design: The column net layout is to determine the span and spacing of the column. When the process requirements permit, it is more economical to choose a small span door frame. Under normal circumstances, the optimal spacing of the portal frame is 6m-9m. When a large-tonnage crane is installed, the economic column distance is generally 7m-9m, and should not exceed 9m. When it exceeds 9m, the roof rafter, crane beam and wall frame The amount of steel used in the system will increase accordingly, and the cost will not be economic. Therefore, whether the grid layout is reasonable or not has a great impact on the cost of the steel structure plant.
C. Construction installation factors
The length of the construction period is also part of the cost of the steel structure building. The proficiency of the installation technology is the main reason for the length of the construction period. The construction of the structural plant is a systematic project involving a wide range of factors and many influencing factors. The construction period, policy changes, and large amount of engineering can all affect the cost of the steel structure warehouse .