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Steel Structure Design Specification

Steel Structure Design Specification

Jun 8,2017

General Standard 

Code for seismic design of buildings  GB50011-2010 (2016 edition)

Code for Seismic Design of Structure Buildings  GB50191-2012

Code for Fire Protection of Building Design GB50016-2014

Building Structure Load Specification  GB50009-2012

Steel Structure Design Specification  GB50017-2003

Technical Specification for Cold-Formed Thin-Wall Steel Structure GB50018-2002

General Technical Conditions for Fire Retardant Coatings for Steel Structures GB14907-2002

Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Steel Structures GB50205-2001

Light steel structure standard

Technical Specifications for Steel Structures of Light weight Houses with Portal Frames GB51022-2015

Gate-type rigid frame steel building members  JG144-2002

Technical Regulations for Light Steel Structure Residences  JGJ 209-2010

Technical Specification for Corrugated Web Steel Structure CECS291-2011

Technical Regulations for Arched Corrugated Steel Cover Structure CECS167-2004

Material Standard 

Carbon Structural Steel GB/T700-2006

Low alloy high strength structural steel  GB/T1591-2008

Alloy Structural Steel  GB/T3077-1999

Thickness direction performance steel plate  GB/T 5313-2010

Weathering Steel for Welded Structure GB/T 4172-2000

Quality Carbon Structural Steel  GB/T 699-1999

High weathering structural steel GB/T4172-2000

Heat-resistant steel plate  GB/T4238-1992