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Advantages of choosing steel structure for warehouse construction

Advantages of choosing steel structure for warehouse construction

Sep 5,2023

At present, many factories and warehouses used for production in China are becoming increasingly large-scale. With the continuous development of modern technology, enterprises have gradually increased their requirements for the area of production workshop space. However, the large area of traditional building columns has certain limitations in building workshop space. It's not an easy task to squeeze out extra space, engineers have come up with a way to build with steel!


The column area of the steel structure building space is small, which can expand the space utilization rate of the factory. Every city has industrial parks, surrounded by tall and spacious steel structure factories. Modern industrial factories adopt the model of steel structure houses. Compared with our traditional buildings, steel structure buildings do occupy half of the factory space with their unique advantages

Advantage 1: Widely used


Some companies with high requirements for factory space choose it because it can expand the utilization rate of the factory. How did it do it? This is because the compressive and lateral bending strength of steel is even 1.5 times that of concrete, which can reduce the cross-section and increase the limited usage space of the factory building under the same strength.


And the steel structure warehouse combines this selling point, and the warehouse constructed with this material structure has a larger utilization area. Generally, warehouses store items, and our biggest fear is objective factors such as fire and corrosion that can affect the goods stored in the warehouse. The steel structure warehouse largely avoids these problems. Firstly, the building constructed with steel structure is lighter, and generally large warehouses have a large span, while the steel structure just meets the conditions.

▲ China Intelligent Backbone Network Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone Phase IV Project (Cainiao Logistics)


Advantage 2: Short construction time


The processed steel components will be transported to the construction site for erection and installation. This "production erection" construction mode greatly shortens the construction period, reduces the construction cycle and labor costs.


 With the development of business, some warehouses will inevitably face the problem of relocating addresses, and another advantage of steel structure buildings is highlighted at this time. Because the material is light, it will be more convenient for moving projects, and recycling will not cause pollution. In an era where the overall environment is so bad and air pollution is relatively severe, steel structure warehouses are no longer in use after use, and the ability to recycle waste without pollution is its advantage and a prerequisite for continued development.

▲ Skyworth Intelligent Home Appliance Industrial Park (Phase I)


Advantage 3: Widely used


Suitable for factories, warehouses, office buildings, sports venues, and more. Suitable for both single-story and large-span buildings, as well as for building multi-story or high-rise buildings.


 From the advantages of using steel structures in buildings, it can be anticipated that steel structures will become the trend of future development. This material and this emerging housing construction structure have greatly improved the aesthetics and practical performance of the project. The aesthetics of some warehouses can also reach a new level while ensuring practicality.


▲ New factory building for Taizhou Jiuyu Precision Industry Co., Ltd. factory area project


Our company's steel structures are widely used in industrial manufacturing, logistics warehousing, public buildings, transportation, and commercial facilities,  unique value to the progress and development of various industries

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