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Steel Building System

Taking the single-storey factory frame structure as an example, it is mainly composed of two parts: the load-bearing part and the maintenance part:

Load bearing part

1) Column. Withstand the loads from roof trusses, crane beams, supports, connecting beams and external walls, and pass it to the foundation.

2) Foundation. Withstand all the loads from the foundation beam and the column and pass it to the foundation.

3) Roof truss. The main load-bearing members of the roof structure are subjected to the full load on the roof and then transmitted to the column by the roof truss.

4) Roof panels. Directly bear all kinds of loads on the board and transfer the load to the roof truss.

5) Crane beam. Set on the ox leg of the column, bear all the loads from the crane and lifting, running, and pass it to the column.

6) Foundation beam. Bear the weight of the upper brick wall and pass it to the foundation.

7) Connecting beams. It is a horizontal connecting member of the longitudinal column of the plant to increase the longitudinal stiffness of the building, to withstand the wind load or the load of the upper wall, and to transmit it to the longitudinal column.

8) Support system components.


Maintenance structure

1) Roofing. It is the main part of the maintenance structure of the plant. Due to the direct influence of natural conditions, it is necessary to deal with the problems of drainage, waterproofing, heat preservation and heat insulation of the roof.

2) The outer wall. The outer wall of the factory building is usually in the form of self-supporting wall. In addition to the weight and wind load, it mainly plays the role of windproof, rainproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, sunshade and fire prevention.

3) Doors and windows, from traffic, lighting, ventilation.

4) Ground. It meets the requirements of production and use, and provides good working conditions

       Steel columns         Steel Beams                  Tie bar 

                  Knee Brace              Strutting  Piece           Casing  Tube 

                 C type purlin                                         Z  type Purlin                                 Steel Sheet 

                Sandwich Panel                        Aluminum Window                   Rolling Shutter Door 

           Anchor bolt                                            Strength Bolt                             Natural  Ventilator