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Latest rendering of light steel structure factory building

Latest rendering of light steel structure factory building

Oct 13,2023

The steel structure factory mainly refers to the main load-bearing components composed of steel. Including foundation anchor bolts, steel columns, steel beams, steel roof trusses, and steel roofs, it is important to note that the walls of steel structures can also be protected by brick walls. Due to the wide span of steel factory buildings and the use of too many concrete structural columns, which take up space, steel structure factories are currently one of the most popular, and many large factories have begun to adopt steel structure factories.

Advantages include:

1. Steel structure buildings have light quality, high strength, and large span.

2. The short construction period of steel structure buildings corresponds to an increase in capital injection profits.

3. Steel structure buildings have high riot resistance and strong erosion resistance.

4. Steel structure buildings are easy to move and recycle without purification.

The light steel structure factory building is a systematic engineering project that includes three processes: design, processing, manufacturing, and construction installation. The detailed forms of the building include the main structural system, secondary structural system, and enclosure system