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Fire Resistance Treatment Of Steel Structures

Fire Resistance Treatment Of Steel Structures

Apr 16,2019
Fire Resistance Treatment Of Steel Structures

Under normal circumstances, when the ambient temperature exceeds 260 °C, the ultimate strength and yield 

point of steel will have a significant downward trend. When the temperature exceeds 600 °C, the strength of 

the steel will almost drop to zero, and the plasticity and toughness will be great. It will lose its carrying 

capacity, causing the building to collapse or cause other accidents. 

Therefore, in order to avoid the deformation to ensure the stability and safety of the steel structure, we must 

take effective fire prevention measures to improve the fire resistance of steel materials. It has been found that 

in the mixed structure, especially the structure in which the fine particles are dispersed, the dissolution of the 

alloying element molybdenum in the solid steel structure can improve the fire resistance of the steel material, 

and also the molybdenum and carbon precipitated in the steel material at high temperature. The strength of 

the steel material can be strengthened, so the proper addition of some alloying elements such as 

molybdenum and copper in the production of the steel material is a treatment method for improving the fire 

resistance of the steel material. 

At high temperatures, the fine carbides in the steel material can also be stabilized and effectively improve the 

high temperature strength of steel. Adding a single molybdenum or niobium to the steel material is not very 

effective in improving the high temperature resistance of the steel material. Therefore, the molybdenum and 

niobium should be mixed and added to the steel material. The high temperature and fire resistance of steel 

materials have good effects. Therefore, in the production of steel, it is necessary to add some alloys properly. 

The steel material is strictly used in the construction, so that the fire resistance of the steel structure can be 

achieved, and the overall safety performance of the building is ensured.

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