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How To Prevent The Corrosion Of Steel Structure

How To Prevent The Corrosion Of Steel Structure

Jul 17,2019
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How to prevent the corrosion of steel structure?

Steel structure has always been favored by people, but the anti-corrosion of steel structure is a problem .The 

steel structure material itself has poor corrosion resistance, heat resistance and non-refractory. If engineering 

application can not properly handle steel structure anti-corrosion and Fire protection issues ,which will directly 
affect the safety and durability of the project. 

1. Anti-corrosion measures for steel structures
(1)Hot dip zinc anti-corrosion treatment

In the atmosphere, the zinc layer can protect the steel for a long time, and the effect is good. The general effective protection time is about 10 years.

(2)Thermal spraying treatment

The thermal spray material used for steel materials is zinc, aluminum or zinc aluminum alloy.This layer of 

coating not only provides physical isolation, but also prevents electrochemical reactions from occurring and 

provides double-layer protection for steel materials.

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(3)Painting treatment

It is also a good means of preventing corrosion of the steel material. It not only protects the steel material 

but also makes it look more beautiful.

(4)Use good anti-corrosion materials

 It is the most important anti-corrosion practice of steel structure to brush anti-corrosion coating at present.

(5)Anticorrosion of steel structure during transportation

Steel structures may be corroded during processing, transportation and storage, and the surface is easily 

oxidized. The surface of the steel structure  must be treated before painting .

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