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What Tools Are Needed To Install A Steel Structure Warehouse Building?

What Tools Are Needed To Install A Steel Structure Warehouse Building?

Jun 17,2019
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                         What tools are needed to install a steel structure warehouse building?

                                                   - Africa steel structure workshop erection tool list

Many steel structure manufacturers provide consulting, design, and processing services, as well as ensuring good processing quality, as well as responsible for transportation safety and ensuring that steel construction materials reach the construction site smoothly.

However, many companies do not provide installation services or provide after-sales services. Undoubtedly, this is not a complete project for the customer.

Even some suppliers have not listed the tools and workers needed to install them. This is a lot of difficulties for many customers who are trying to build steel structures for the first time.

We will take a steel structure workshop as an example to list the basic tools needed to install a steel structure.

ZYM provides complete steel structure consulting, design, processing, installation and after-sales service.

Well the steel structure workshop size is 20*80*11m,with 2 set 10ton cranes in the warehouse zone,please check the following tools in the list ! Since the height of the steel workshop is higher,so the crane and elevator car need bigger and higher one. Because of the steel column is too much heavy and high.Other size of steel structure workshop ,such as 6m or 7m height,can choose 10ton or smaller crane and scaffolding is ok.

This tool list may not be complete enough. You are welcome to give additional suggestions.

If you need the complete PDF document can download here.