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Some points of steel structure building design

Some points of steel structure building design

May 17,2019
Steel structure design is an important part of the whole steel structure construction, from the blue print of steel structure design to the evolution of steel structure products.

The design of steel structure must implement the national technical specifications, and be technologically advanced, economically reasonable, safe and practical, and ensure quality. 

Therefore, there are the following points when designing the structure:
1. Firstly, according to the functional requirements of the building, it adopts a corresponding reasonable structural system. It is technologically advanced, novel in structure, and achieves the perfect unity of architecture and structure.

2. The steel structure (except the container) is mainly made of rods, so the size of the rods is modularized and standardized as much as possible, which is convenient for mechanized manufacturing, transportation, installation and productivity.

3. Use high-efficiency steel with high economic indicators.

4. The nodes of the steel structure are of the utmost importance, and the appropriate connection method is adopted to make the node design consistent with the simplified model of structural calculation. Most of the structural damage in the past occurred at the nodes, so the nodes should be carefully designed and carefully constructed. Advanced and reliable connection methods are adopted.