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Single-layer Portal Frame Installation

Single-layer Portal Frame Installation

Issue Time:2017-07-02

Single-layer portal frame installation

Steel structure is one of the common structural forms in modern construction engineering. The application of 

steel structure engineering installation technology in China is more and more extensive, and many 

advantages of steel structure are also taken seriously, and the application of steel structure engineering is 

also increased.

The single-span structure should be hoisted from the side of the span to the other side, the middle to the 

ends, or both ends to the middle. For multi-span structures, it is advisable to first hoist the main span and the 

rear hoisting span; when there are multiple cranes working together, it is also possible to hoist at the same 

time. The single-layer portal frame steel structure should be installed in the order of columns, tie beams, inter-

column supports, crane beams, roof trusses, purlins, roof supports, and roof slabs.

During the installation process of the portal frame structure, it is necessary to install the temporary column  

support or stabilize the cable wind rope in time, and expand the installation after forming the space structure 

stability system. The spatial structural stability system shall be able to withstand the effects of structural self-

weight, wind load, snow load, seismic action, installation load and impact load during lifting.

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